Thursday, February 14, 2008

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It looks as if the fake Republican John McCain is fooling a lot of people , or maybe his big money backers like ultra liberal George Soros are winning buy having a liberal running in both parties a win win situation for conservative haters like Soros.

You can see he is just a Washington insider huckster. Just look at the lists of his big contributors and a list of Obama's , you will see pretty much the same names.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow in Baghdad first time in 100 years

Well another sign of hope in Iraq , apparently global warming has been defeated in Iraq .

Snow falling in Baghdad for the first time in 100 years and Al Gore wasn't even there. Maybe they are going to give the US Army a Nobel peace prize .

CEO of Auto-Nation wants higher gas tax

This one is a blood boiler. The CEO of Auto-nation which owns over 300 car dealerships and has reported lower than expected earnings has stated (and who asked for his opinion anyway?) " that he thinks we need higher gasoline taxes" I assume that he thinks this will scare people into buying his cars to get better gas mileage.

I personally will not set foot on an auto-nation lot till this idiot is gone , which buy the way if they hadn't paid him his huge paycheck they probably would have met there expectations of earnings.

He wants people too pay higher taxes they cant afford so the get mad and buy a new car they also cant afford ,what a dirt bag. This numskull elitist thinks Britians $6 a gallon gas is a good thing.

A Congressional panel just came to the same stupid conclusion but for the reason that we need bridges and highway repairs. Funny what have they done with all the money we pay now in gas taxes and road taxes , probably diverted the funds to pay for pork barrel pet projects that have little to do with roads like a $200,000,000 bridge in Alaska going to somewhere nobody needs to go.

Only new tax ill go for is a tax on elitist snobs or a tax on politicians.If we just taxed them $1 every time they say something stupid or waste money the Government budget would get fat in no time.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rare photo of illusive Filipino Monkey

It has been put forth to the American people that the illusive Filipino Monkey was playing tricks on the radio while Iranian patrol boats were buzzing US warships. Could this be an actual photo ? Is this what the dastardly fellow really looks like. Could he really an Iranian secret agent. Maybe someone will identify him from this photo and we will find out . By looking at him he appears to be a relative of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself. The resemblance is too close to be a coincidence. ( someone should also warn the fellow that the most powerful bird in the world is the Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adam Gadahn the puppet releases new video

Well some scum just keeps floating to the surface . Adam Gadahn released a new video on Youtube calling for the Palestinian people to blow up George Bush when he goes to visit Israel . I didn't include a link just the photo( the one where he is wearing the red and white table cloth on his head) . Video or link not included because its 50 min of nonsensical rambling.
This guy is a piece of work, love child of an 60's hippie named Phil Pearlman that is now a goat farmer named Gadahn . He was a brat little jewish kid from the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia and now now he is a legend in his own mind wanna-be terrorist. Someone please flush this guy back down the toilet hes stinking up the world.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To all and Happy New Year
From Brian

New FBI database of biometric information

The new biometric database called Next Generation Identification Database or NGID will be housed in the FBI building with NCIC, CJIS, IAFIS, NICS, UCR, LEO, APB, and COP. OMG we have some unused letters H, K, M, Q, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z. Come on guys for a Billion dollars you could get inventive and use some of these unused letters.

Well this will cure one problem , we will be able to identify the guy that scans his butt cheeks with the copier now . We can send off to the FBI butt cheek database and find the culprit. Oh well all jokes aside 1 Billion dollars is a lot of money for a computer that will be out of date buy the time it's finished and be George Orwell's worst nightmare.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Joseph Mccarthy was right

After all this time and the lefty wackos in Hollywood whining and posturing . All they have done is prove McCarthy was right . This is just a tribute to the good old days when people called it like they saw it .

The actions of these men have been called a " Witch Hunt" . Well the witches were real. There are more now than ever. People are afraid of not being PC in everything they say and do so they say and do nothing.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

New Texas Pole Tax

Well it seems The State Of Texas has come up with a new tax affectionately dubbed the "pole tax" a $5 per customer tax on patrons of the 150 plus Texas strip clubs. This is not the stupidest thing I ever heard of but its right up there and I guessed correctly before checking that the sponser of the legislation creating this was a woman. An import from Canada named Ellen Cohen living in Houston.

Lets see we need more stupid taxes :

Tax on lawyers : They cause 100% of superfluous lawsuits
Tax on abortion clinics : kill more people than wars every year
Tax on politicians: they cause 100% of the stupid laws and taxes
Tax on hair driers: Secret cause of global warming and make men late when going somewhere with the wife
Tax bath tubs: for causing water pollution
Tax on Canadians that move to Texas and stay
well you get the idea this could go on forever and we would be to broke to pay attention.
Any pole the politicians cant control they wanna tax i guess.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fake Conservatives worse than liberals

Fake conservatives like Giuliani and Mccain are worse than the liberals because they fool the trusting people that believe them to be conservative. And that dilutes the power of the conservatives.

I often wonder if they are plants or just phony people taking advantage of the uninformed. Taking advantage of the uninformed is what politicians do best.

New York Times " Dog and pony show "

The New Your Times has been trying to make people think they were becoming less bias and more truthful in there reporting. Apparently this is not so.

They seem to be starting the same "dog and pony show" in an article about Blackwater Guards killing a dog that was attacking there k-9 bomb sniffing dog . This was a non-story twisted to bring the wrath of animal lovers down on Blackwater and shameful ,even for the Times.

Girlie man John Edwards

John Edwards at an event at Daniel Webster College, featuring recording artists Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne. I am not sure what this is for maybe to distract everyone while so Edwards can work on his hair .
I dont think the burned out socialist drug user is a large voting block but i may be wrong. Does this help him or tarnish his image further ?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Obama thinks drug use not relevant

I suppose its not relevant to him . It is however relevant to us non-drug users. We the people have a perfect right to raise the bar a bit and expect more from the President Of The United States than from the average person . You cant even get a top secret clearance if you have done drugs but you can be president , that should be changed the job should have some requirements .

So Mr Obama I for one wont be wanting you or any drug users in the White House.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Al Gore rants about global warming

Al Gore gets a Nobel prize for his lunatic rantings . His family fortune comes from the worst polluters on the planet and he pretends to be mister Green Guy . Hypocrisy has no limits among the loony left.
We have forgotten the nuts of the 70's saying the planet was cooling and we were headed for an ice age . Same crap different day. Obviously not polluting is good but STOP LYING ABOUT IT YOU FRIGGING IDIOTS!

Danny Glover advocate for communism

Well it seems Danny Glover is making a feeble attempt at becoming the next Michael Moore. He has made what he calls a documentary about 5 Cuban spies. For those unfamiliar with this case these 5 spies were spying inside the United States gathering intelligence for the communist Cuban military and Fidel Castro.

Apparently Danny Glover and some others like Martin Sheen think that this spying is acceptable behavior, at least if it is for a communist government. Well , it is not and the 5 spies are languishing in prison where they belong and hopefully will remain there for some time.

These guys were caught spying in Florida where it is unacceptable behavior not California where it would probably be ignored . It's too bad that they don't arrest some of the west coast spies as well . But then who would make the movies and donate the big bucks to the politicians.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Ward Churchill gets award

Well it's the Christmas season and time for Fruitcakes . So i am giving the fruitcake award for 2007 to Ward Churchill .
Some of his accomplishments are being a FAKE native American , plagiarism, copyright infringements, lying pretty much about everything he has ever done , or not done .
He has just generally been a complete dirtbag and even the liberal wackos are distancing themselves from this pond scum.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh please not Greenpeace again.

The environ-mentally challenged peeps at greenpeace have come up with another stupid project. The want to tell people which game console they should buy because PS3 is not Green enough for them .
Where are those French frogmen when you need them.

No gays in Iran ?

This midget lunatic AHMADINEJAD says they have no gays in Iran , well i am not so sure.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas presents for our enemies

You heard me correctly. We should take up a collection and buy presents for all of our enemies and our liberal wacko friends. I already know what to give them. We should buy a bunch of cheap Chinese toys for them to chew on when the get frustrated. What do you think?

Economic War against the U.S. whats being done?

Most people who pay attention know we that we are in two wars , the War On Terror a blood and bullets war. This war can and must be won to ensure peace and bring stability to huge areas of the globe. But the outcome wont be noticed much by the average uninformed.
The second war is The Economic War being waged by our enemies and i am thinking some of our supposed friends may be involved as well. The outcome of this war will effect all of those living in this nation . This war is a secretive group effort to bring down the economy of the United States and turn us into another third world nation, emasculated and unable to defend itself because of economic worries.
I keep expecting to hear what is being done by the Government to stop it or protect us but they remain silent ignoring it hoping that we wont notice it and become alarmed. Why is no one talking about it . Why is nothing being done. Nothing worse than a secret war where you cant keep up with who is winning.